QR Codes vs. Traditional Advertising Methods

While some people still wonder exactly what a QR (Quick Response) code is, many businesses are taking advantage of this effective marketing tool to increase their sales and profits.

QR codes are simply black modules designed on white backgrounds using square patterns that can be decoded at high speeds.

QR codes can be scanned using phone cameras and decoded with a QR code reader, which is free.  Once the code is scanned, the user will be redirected to the location embedded in the code.

Traditional advertising and marketing strategies are becoming financially unreachable and small businesses are the ones on the losing side.

There is a need for marketing methods that are effective, but will not cost a fortune; the use of QR codes is one way to go. Your business can be in constant communication with potential customers, as well as existing customers through the use of these special codes.

For instance, smartphone users can instantly access your website with a quick scan of a QR code. They no longer have to write down your website address and remember to look at it when they get home.

The same goes for your contact information… put your QR code on your business card and you don’t have to worry about your contacts losing your card. Once they scan your code with your contact information embedded, they can save it in their phones right then and there.

You can also direct your target audience to coupon offers, videos, surveys, articles, and just about any other digital media of choice.

One of the best QR code features is the fact that it can be re-used and the destination can be changed on the fly. So when you need to change your promotions, there’s no need to have your materials re-printed.

Using QR codes as a marketing strategy will not only help your business get more sales and customers, but it will also save you a ton of money that would otherwise be spent on conventional marketing methods that are losing effectiveness.

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