5 Reasons Your Marketing Needs to be Mobile

1. Your Audience is Mobile

Business professionals live by their smartphones today.

91% of mobile workers use a smartphone for work. What’s more, many say they would be emotional (59%), disoriented (40%) or distraught (34%) if they worked without a smartphone for a week.

2. B2B Mobile Traffic Matters
ComScore reported 8.2% of US traffic in 2012 was from mobile devices, and Walker Sands tracking shows mobile traffic increased by 102% from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012.

Participants from B2Bchat reported mobile traffic of up to 27%, with most between 10% and 20%, all on B2B websites.

3. Email is Mobile
By the end of the year, ReturnPath predicts mobile clients will subplant desktops and web mail as the top email clients.

If you are not already designing your emails for mobile screens first, start now. For marketers making this switch today, start looking at comps or tests of mobile emails first, before looking at desktop versions.

4. Social is Mobile
Consumers now spend more time with Facebook and Twitter from a mobile device than from laptops and desktops. (source)

5. Search is Mobile
By December 2012, Marin Software predicts 25% of all paid search clicks will be from mobile devices, more than doubling over December 2011. (source)

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