Tracking & Conversions

Tracking & Conversions

How does conversion tracking help me? Well it allows you to make more informed decisions about your online advertising. Mainly in what ads and keywords you invest in. This data allows you to measure your return on investment (ROI), for your campaigns with much more accuracy. By tracking all of your sales efforts it gives you peace of mind that your not wasting money on investments that aren’t producing results and can in return invest in what is. It also gives you specific goals to take action on.


tracking and conversions funnel


There are 2 different ways to track conversions:


  • Conversions (1-per-click)
    Conversions (1-per-click) count a conversion for every AdWords ad click resulting in a conversion within 30 days. This means if more than one conversion happens following a single ad click, conversions after the first will not count. This metric is useful for measuring conversions approximating unique customer acquisitions such as leads and sign-ups.
  • Conversions (many-per-click)
    Conversions (many-per-click) count a conversion every time a conversion is made within 30 days following an AdWords ad click. Conversions (many-per-click) will count multiple conversions per click. This metric is useful for measuring conversions that are valuable every time they happen such as purchases.


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