Web Design

Anyone can put together a Website Design these days, but very few can effectively develop the infrastructure, applications and marketing strategies that will make your website successful.

People respond to¬† powerful image. Without that you’ll have to work harder and longer than your competitors just to keep up. The usability, color theory and overall design of your website can significantly shape visitors perception of your company. An outdated, amateur design can actually lose you customers! With a massive percentage of the U.S. population using the internet for business these days, you might want to look into investing some of your marketing dollars into a professional web development


A few things you should consider before choosing a web design company:

  • Make Sure The Code Is Standards Based, W3C Compliant Code

When all the code that makes up your website is accessible and clean, it’s better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Good SEO drives traffic (i.e., business) to your website. Our code is clean.

  • Choose a Website Design Company With Experience

Whether you go with a boutique or a large agency, make sure the company you chose has a proven track record with the platform you are using. BWW Solutions is well versed in all modern web technologies. We are not bound to a specific platform, they are merely mediums for us to create.

  • Compare Website Design Company Cost

Some agencies can charge as much as $150 per man hour, while some freelancers can charge as low as $25 and there is no guarantee of quality. We are competitively priced and offer a standard usually only seen in larger agency or design studios.

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