Pinterest For Reputation?

In the online world, we are all looking for the best way to get ahead. As far as online reputation, presence and marketing goes, social media is a powerful weapon for anyone to have in their arsenal. As of late, we have seen some pretty stiff competition and Pinterest has gained a phenomenal amount of popularity. Here are some key factors that are leading to the network’s success:

Increased engagement

According to research, Pinterest is now the third most popular way of sharing content online. It has even managed to surpass email and is only behind top dogs Facebook and Twitter. This could largely be due to the fact that it is a such a user friendly platform and filled with visual media.

This popularity along with Rich Pins and Promoted Pins make the platform a great place for marketers to invest their efforts.

Marketing on Pinterest

Rich Pins allow marketers to attach real-time details like prices, product availability, location and a link to buy the item. Now, when users view these Pins, they can be sure that they are getting the most up to date information without having to put in effort of searching the web.

Promoted Pins are proving to be a popular means of advertising on Pinterest. Get your Pins noticed by all the right people and spread the word about your brand, product, service or company by choosing a paid option. Marketers know that they don’t need to promote each and every single one of their Pins but, if they promote the right one(s) at the right time, they can stand to enjoy a juicy ROI.

With all of these developments and the growing awareness of Pinterest, it’s likely that 2014 will be an impressive year for the networking site. It is already a multi billion dollar company and, thanks to the recent monetization and increased popularity, it’s likely that its value will sky rocket in the near future. For marketers and businesses of every kind, signing up with Pinterest can make all the difference. Sure, you might think that you are on top of social media because you have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account but, it’s vital to understand that each social network has its own advantages

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