Google Gets Social

Google’s Search engine results get more social. You’ll begin to see your friends’ activity on Twitter, Flickr and elsewhere. Soon to be a lot more visible in Google’s search results, including having an impact on how pages rank. Google has announced an expansion of its Google Social Search results that’s beginning to roll out today on Here’’s a quick look at whats new.

Social Search Blended Into “Regular” Results

Prior to today’s announcement, Social Search results — which Google introduced in October 2009 — only appeared at the bottom of a search results page or after clicking the “Social” filter in the left-side column. Now, you might see them mixed anywhere in the search results. For example, if you’re connected to Google’s Matt Cutts and do a search for “biking,” you might see a blog post that he shared through a service like Twitter or Google Buzz quite high on page one.

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